Best search in the industry !

At CashBackHouse we are striving to improve the site continuously. And having the “best search in the industry” was one of our goals when we took this task at hand.

We noticed that search is one of the most frequently used features. Since we are continuously adding new stores, we wanted to make this feature as intuitive & simple as possible.

We decided to have two types of searches on the site :

  1. First one – available on the home page – Where you know the name of the store and just want to go there directly
  2. Second one – available on the “All Stores” page – Where you are searching for a store which gives the best cash back. Usually we’ve seen a lot more interest in this type where the same product, say “flowers” are available through a number of stores & shopping for the one which gives the widest selection & cash-back makes sense.

The first search was modified 4 weeks back & we saw a jump in the usage of the feature



The search on “All Stores” was the other place where we saw the potential to improve. However, the team didn’t really think that only creating a large number of categories & sub categories could take us to our goal of making one of the best search in the industry.

Hence we took it a step further and made that search context-sensitive. Which means that the code starts filtering the stores as soon as you start typing the name of the store – similar to what you see on google.

We have got some great feedback from our users since we launched and have started showing the number of stores as the filtering happens ! Thanks to Steve for the excellent idea !!

New context search


We would love to hear more from you ! please do let us know your thoughts.



CBH Team 🙂