Shopping Approach to save Money..

Shopping Approach to save Money…

Smart shopper is the one who buys right thing at right time. Smart shopper should know following saving tips.

  • Let’s say you want to buy 60 inch LED TV.  Familiarize yourself with seasonal sales. If you want to buy some expensive electronics your best bet is to buy in season sale like black Friday or 4th of July Sale or any other such sale day.


  • Try to buy expensive electronics or other expensive stuff from online store where you don’t pay taxes. (In most of the online stores you don’t pay taxes. Some states are not eligible for it. 60 inch LED TV comes around $1200 to $2500.  If you calculate 7% tax that’s saving of nearly $100 to $150)
  • If you don’t want to buy Online, try to use Tax-free weekends in several states.
  • Use price comparison websites. To compare price. Many times all stores have price match policy. So if you find lowest price in one store you can go to your nearby store and ask for Price match. If it’s online store call and ask for Price Match. Also always research on product for their reviews. Always buy expensive things after reading review.
  • Once you have decided to buy from some store, look for coupons and cash back sites like for that store. Mostly this should save you $50 to $100.
  • Now when you are ready to check out, make sure to use credit card which has maximum benefit. Many cards have cash back or airline miles or some other types of rewards. So smartly use your credit card.


Always cultivate the ability to delay gratification.  🙂


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