Thanksgiving & Black Friday Shopping : Tips & Ideas

With the holidays quickly approaching, there is nothing better than the amazing shopping that goes along with the season. And, since Thanksgiving is the first major holiday on the list that coincides with the best shopping around aka black Friday, it’s time to get your thanksgiving holiday shopping plan underway.

This year, the following big chain stores along with other stores have announced that they are actually opening up early in lieu of black Friday:

  • Wal-Mart
  • Toys R Us
  • Target
  • J.C. Penny
  • Macy’s

The stores are going to be opening up on the evening of Thanksgiving, giving avid shoppers an adequate amount of time to shop to their heart’s content and get everything that they want to buy. The stores are going to be opening as early as 5pm on Thanksgiving and will be offering spectacular “doorbusters”. Although these “doorbusters” and great deals can be extremely valuable, in order to enjoy yourself and get the best deals, you must follow certain techniques and tricks that are proven to work perfectly for black Friday.

The first thanksgiving shopping tip is to plan early! Planning early takes a lot of guesswork out of shopping on the big day and will ease a lot of stress on your part. Circle and list the stores that you want to hit on Thanksgiving and black Friday and compose a schedule for yourself, this will enable the entire shopping process to run a lot smoother.

Another tip to follow when shopping for the best black Friday deals is to shop online. There are many black Friday sales occurring within the World Wide Web, so visit a few of your favorite retail websites during Thanksgiving and you will probably be very pleasantly surprised. When you do find some good deals, it is advisable to focus on buying certain items over other items.

The best items to buy during the black Friday sales are electronics since you will be able to get great deals on everything from television sets to computers to video games.

Check out the Black Friday Deals & Flyers from some of the most shopped stores, store timings and price matching policies to help you prepare & plan for a smoothing shopping experience! Happy Shopping!

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